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  • Article: Mar 14, 2019

    I am fuming.

    After Parliament has made clear that they are incapable of agreeing on Brexit, the Labour leadership whipped their MPs to abstain on giving the people the final say.

    Every Labour MP who did not vote for a People's Vote tonight have betrayed their members, betrayed their voters and betrayed remainers.

  • Article: Mar 13, 2019

    Brexit latest

    This has been a big week for Brexit. But, then, every week is big.

    With 14 days to go before Brexit Day, the Prime Minister's Withdrawal Agreement was massively defeated for a second time on this occasion by 149 votes rather than 230. I don't think even the Prime Minister saw that as progress.

  • Article: Mar 12, 2019

    Is anyone getting deja vu?

    It's like January all over again. Theresa May's been beaten again, her botched Brexit deal failing by 391 votes to 242. Parliament's verdict on the PM's deal is abundantly clear, and has been for months - the deal is a flop.

    We can't let Theresa May kick the can down the road again. Parliament must not be bullied into voting for a deal that leaves people worse off.

  • Article: Mar 8, 2019

    On the 8th March, it's international women's day.

    To celebrate this, we want to introduce you to some amazing Lib Dem Women. Women who are a vital part of our Lib Dem campaigns across the country and women who are making a difference in their communities.

  • Article: Mar 8, 2019

    On Friday, we will proudly celebrate International Women's Day. A day to honour the trailblazers, disruptors and advocates boldly challenging misogyny and oppression in all its forms.

    Over the last few years, there has been a palpable cultural shift in our approach to gender inequality. As a society, we are making significant strides in the battle against gender oppression.

  • Article: Mar 8, 2019

    This week, I presented my Bill to Parliament to require all school uniforms to be gender neutral.

    From the day a child starts primary school, boys are put in shorts and trousers, and girls in skirts and dresses.

    Gendered uniform policies send a message that boys, in their more practical clothes, should be running around and playing sport, and girls should not.

  • Article: Mar 8, 2019

    Yesterday in Parliament, I put forward a bill to improve mental health care for new mothers.

    NHS health check-ups 6 weeks after birth are already routine. But it's about time they included mental health. Currently, almost half of new mothers who experience mental health problems don't receive any help or treatment. Many don't even have their issues identified by a professional. It's extremely worrying.

  • Article: Mar 8, 2019

    Today is International Women's Day. Are you doing anything special today? I know some people are attending panel discussions, presentations or exhibitions.

    But May's local elections are looming. Here's something the women reading this can do that you might not have thought of that could make a difference.

  • Article: Mar 8, 2019
    By Vince Cable

    For over 100 years International Women's Day has offered us the opportunity to celebrate the contributions made by women many countries.

    Over the last two years the #MeToo and Time's Up movements have driven a welcome shift in society's approach to gender equality.

    There is much more to do to address inequality

  • Article: Mar 8, 2019
    By Jo Swinson

    Last year was a year of celebration for women in politics. In February, we marked the centenary of the first UK women being given the right to vote in elections, and in November we celebrated the one-hundred-year anniversary of some women being given the right to stand for election to Parliament.

    Celebrating these milestones in equality for women is important. But we must not feel any false comfort about progress. The gulf in political power between men and women is still huge, and we all need to do more to close it.

  • Article: Mar 7, 2019

    We're very proud of the many strong online communities that have sprung up around the party. Online groups are a great way to make friends and discuss topics with people you might not see otherwise.

    This is an ecosystem that is incredibly powerful - and we want to do everything we can to support it. Which is why in the next few weeks, we're planning to launch a new online tool - the Directory - to help connect Liberal Democrats with like-minded groups.

  • Article: Mar 7, 2019

    Conference will be debating the following motions. The following are summaries of what is proposed. They are intended to be neutral descriptions of some of the main points made in the motions and are not arguments for or against any of them.

    F4: Eradicating Race Inequality

    This motion proposes a range of changes to combat what it describes as conscious and unconscious racism.

  • Article: Mar 7, 2019
    By Hauke Gruen

    This week, after 32 years of political passiveness and one month after becoming a British citizen, I joined the Liberal Democrats.

    I arrived in the UK on a cold, rainy Thursday afternoon in March 2013 with two suitcases and a job offer from a London-based media agency. I was born in Germany and had lived, studied and worked there most of my life up until that point. My decision to come was a professional one at the time, and I had no clear concept of how long I might stay.

  • Article: Mar 6, 2019

    Women and girls are still paying more for basic products like razors and deodorant. It's entirely unacceptable. Worse, it's a double whammy - 3 out of 4 UK companies still pay their female employees less than they do men.

  • Article: Mar 6, 2019
    By Layla Moran

    On Thursday I led a debate in the House of Commons on climate change, calling for the Government to take action now.

    We are staring down the barrel of an emergency, and the striking students inspired me to secure the debate and get the Government's attention.

    The Tories' approach to tackling this global crisis is, frankly, shameful. After scrapping the Department for Energy and Climate Change, they have completely dropped the ball on the biggest issue of our time. I'm doing this for young people, and I wish that the Conservatives would realise that we are gambling with their future by refusing to take the hard decisions.