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Newark And Sherwood Liberal Democrats

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Robert Jenrick's Badge of Shame

November 21, 2019 3:05 PM

Newark Liberal Democrats
have expressed their
extreme disappointment
after research by the
Guardian newspaper
showed that Newark MP
Robert Jenrick has one of
the worst voting records on
climate issues of any MP,
desppite lobbying from
concerned constituents. In
the research the Guardian
ranked each MP by the
percentage of positive votes
that they have cast to tackle
climate change and Mr
Jenrick scored zero percent.
Lib Dem parliamentary
spokesperson David Watts
said: "There have been 8
major votes on issues to do
with climate change since
Robert was first elected as
an MP. In every single one
he has voted in the way that
is most harmful to the
environment. Representing
a largely rural constituency
he should recognise the
importance of tackling
climate change, and yet his
voting record shows that he
either doesn't understand or
doesn't care. Liberal
Democrats demand better
from their local MP.
Tackling climate change is
our number one priority.
We are in a climate
emergency and cannot
afford not to act, but Robert
has failed to protect the
future for his constituents.
To be the joint worst rated
MP in terms of climate votes

is a real badge of shame."