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Local News

  • Article: Nov 28, 2019

    A damning poll has revealed that a
    majority of people do not believe
    Boris Johnson's promise to keep
    the NHS out of a trade deal with
    Donald Trump after Brexit. The
    poll by Survation found only 31%
    believe his pledge on the NHS and
    a US trade deal. How safe is the
    NHS from Brexit, privatisation and
    US Drug Giants?

  • Article: Nov 21, 2019

    The exit of so many moderate
    Tory MPs at the end of this
    parliament is clear proof of
    the rightward lurch of the
    Conservative Party.
    Some moderates like Ken
    Clarke are retiring, others
    including Amber Rudd have
    been thrown out, joining
    Anna Soubry and others who
    have already left the Party.
    Most are household names
    like Justine Greening, Philip
    Hammond and Oliver
    Letwin. Local MPs Nicky
    Morgan and Sir Patrick
    McCloughlin are quitting as
    Holding Ministerial
    positions, they have all given
    years of service to this
    country representing "One
    Nation" Conservatism.
    Despite often challenging
    political differences, they
    could still hold the respect of
    MPs from all political
    parties. Moderate MPs are
    no longer welcome in today's
    Conservative Party, leaving
    Boris Johnson and his
    bullying Brexit Boys to
    pursue his hard right Brexit
    deal while promising to
    "Unite the Nation".

  • Article: Nov 21, 2019

    Newark Liberal Democrats
    have expressed their
    extreme disappointment
    after research by the
    Guardian newspaper
    showed that Newark MP
    Robert Jenrick has one of
    the worst voting records on
    climate issues of any MP,
    desppite lobbying from
    concerned constituents. In
    the research the Guardian
    ranked each MP by the
    percentage of positive votes
    that they have cast to tackle
    climate change and Mr
    Jenrick scored zero percent.
    Lib Dem parliamentary
    spokesperson David Watts
    said: "There have been 8
    major votes on issues to do
    with climate change since
    Robert was first elected as
    an MP. In every single one
    he has voted in the way that
    is most harmful to the
    environment. Representing
    a largely rural constituency
    he should recognise the
    importance of tackling
    climate change, and yet his
    voting record shows that he
    either doesn't understand or
    doesn't care. Liberal
    Democrats demand better
    from their local MP.
    Tackling climate change is
    our number one priority.
    We are in a climate
    emergency and cannot
    afford not to act, but Robert
    has failed to protect the
    future for his constituents.
    To be the joint worst rated
    MP in terms of climate votes

  • Southwell Flooding
    Article: Nov 21, 2019

    Climate change can no
    longer be ignored or
    considered as a fringe issue.
    It impacts on every single
    person and every community.
    A recent report indicates that a
    quarter of Britain's wildlife
    could be at risk of extinction
    from climate change. We simply
    cannot permit that to happen.
    The Liberal Democrats have
    always been Britain's greenest
    major party and the coalition
    was the greenest government
    ever, thanks to our input and
    our success. We have now
    proposed a raft of new
    environmental protections. The
    most significant of these is to
    impose an environmental duty
    of care on UK firms. The aim of
    this would be to prevent UK
    firms selling goods from
    deforested areas and also to
    require them to inspect their
    supply chains.
    Parliamentary candidate David
    Watts said: "We can't go on with
    a situation where firms are able
    to turn a blind eye to what is
    being done in their name and on
    their behalf elsewhere in the
    world. Climate change doesn't
    recognise national boundaries
    and we need to ensure that
    British companies ensure their
    supply chains meet our
    Other plans by the Liberal
    Democrats include making it
    much easier for people to switch
    to green energy, and to require
    that all new homes are built in
    the most sustainable way
    possible. The coalition was
    moving towards this but the
    Conservative government that
    followed scrapped all of this. We
    also want to ensure that the
    infrastructure is put in place to
    make it easy for people to switch
    to electric vehicles when they
    next come to change their
    existing cars.